Android Game

Fishing Hunt

Fishing hunt has already started,Amazing realistic 3D effect!Join them and experience the ultimate 3D fishing adventure!
The most popular ocean fish in your pocket! Start catching fish in fishing hunt. High time to go fishing at the most famous spot!The most popular ocean fish in your pocket! Start catching fish in fishing hunt……..

Cat Fishing

Prepare fishing rods, put long lines, and have a great fishing trip! From the beautiful Maldives Island to the cold Antarctica, take you across the coastline and take a thrilling sea fishing trip to wherever you want to go. From simple wooden boats to adventurous pirate ships, you will feel the pleasure of different ships! Join us and start a new fishing trip!


Sudoku.Fun is a super classic puzzle game.
Train your brain by solving over 3000 sudoku puzzles. A perfect choice to relax yourself anywhere and anytime during a break. Easy to play, but hard to become a sudoku master!Sudoku game can improve logical thinking and memory. Don’t hesitate, download it quickly!If you have any question about Sudoku. Feel free to send your feedback Start your Sudoku puzzle journey and have fun with your friends right now!

Wood Puzzle Mania

Wood Puzzly is a new type of wooden puzzle game. Very interesting puzzles, easy to play, but hard to become a master! Drag the woody blocks to form a vertical or horizontal line. The entire line will be cleared, freeing up more space for placement.

Now try to enjoy this Woody Puzzle Block! Are you ready?